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How To Find Work And Clients As A Freelance Copywriter

Making the jump and deciding to become a freelance copywriter is a big step. To ensure it's a success you will have to acquire lots of clients, which can be a challenge when first launching your business. Businesses are not going to contact you simply because you created a website. It can take nearly a year to grow your customer list and income.


With this in mind, prior to starting out it's wise to save at least 6 months of savings in your pocketbook plus a plan of action to acquire reliable customers.


Here are 4 ways of locating corporations willing to pay for your copywriting expertise:

Attending face to face business networking functions


With levels of competition for customers proving to already be a race to the bottom on-line, the smartest method is to hunt for clients in your local region. It’s simply common sense that business owners prefer to employ those they like, know and trust. So you should be getting out there, greasing palms and meeting local business owners at each and every chance you get.


In a lot of cities and towns there are networking events where companies can gather to network, introduce themselves and exchange their contact details. Often held over an early morning breakfast in a local restaurant or in a local hotel's function room , networking events are normally fairly casual and enable company owners and freelancers to connect, You may find that lots of networking events charge for attendance, which normally includes drinks and food. However, there are usually a few you can attend without having to pay.. You could even consider arranging one on your own through social media sites like LinkedIn or Meetup. Simply start a networking get together and next invite people in your local business community to attend also to invite their business contacts.

Social networking sites


Whereas Facebook is for fun, LinkedIn is focused on business. It is a social media site where professionals can promote their know-how and connect with other people in their field.. So if you decide to launch a free-lance copywriting career, it’s smart to open a LinkedIn account for your business and to start trying to form connections.


A sensible starting place is linking with friends from your past jobs to build your network. It's also possible to use LinkedIn to identify companies in your neighborhood which may require your expertise and whom you can approach for work.

Cold calling


 Many copywriters are naturally fearful of picking up the phone, and would rather clean the bathroom than pick up the phone. But getting in touch with local firms on the phone to inform them about your copywriting skills is often an effective way of finding customers. Mass sending email messages to as many firms as you can may sound like an easier, and quicker, choice. However, your email messages are unlikely to get read by the correct people and may even annoy people for spamming them. Picking up the telephone, however, is a chance to build up a relationship on a more personal level and to connect with local business owners.

Get in touch with local agencies which use freelance copywriters


Marketing and web site design agencies continuously need copywriters to provide them with content for their customers' marketing campaigns. They may also give you access to bigger brands and higher paying clients than you'd be in the position to connect with as a self employed freelancer. Although the bigger agencies might already have copywriters internally, a lot of the smaller ones will more than likely outsource to a business copywriting agency work to a selection of local freelance workers to keep their headcount and costs down.


As a freelance writer you can not afford to sit back and lose time waiting for enquiries to appear in your email inbox. So you should be constantly marketing and offering your copywriting expertise so you can build a consistent salary and make the freelance dream come true.



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