Tips And Advice On How To Start A Freelance Copywriting Business


Think you've have got a way with words? Do you like using words to persuade customers to your way of thinking, as well as to utilize writing in a manner that can make topics intriguing and engaging?

If so, you might have the opportunity to build a full time income as a business writer. Having the ability to write nicely is an important part of the profession. If you can't spell adequately or know basic grammar then prospects aren’t likely to be too amazed with your writing.

Even so, you don’t require the writing ability of Hemingway or even Mark Twain to make a paycheck as a copywriter. Truth be told, people that are excellent at penning short stories can be poor copy writers. Frequently, they are a bit too enthusiastic about amusing readers and amazing them with their extremely creative writing rather than focus on their writing’s crucial target: make a sale.

What can make a really good copywriter

To have success as a good marketing communications writer, the most critical abilities you must have will be to fully understand exactly what motivates folks, to gain an interest in a variety of topics and also, needless to say, be able to write clearly as well as clearly.

These kind of skills are all necessary attributes you really need to be an effective copywriter. For what reason? Because you need to be have the ability to mix together all of them to get results at producing sales writing that can sell. Whether you are writing about birthday cake decorations or home business programs, you must be able to construct a good familiarity with exactly what the product does and in what ways it benefits readers.

What a freelance copywriter's profession involves

Copy writing is named salesmanship in print. Its objective isn’t to entertain but rather to influence people that purchasing your service or product is definitely the intelligent move to make, and bring in plenty of sales and profits for your clientele along the way.

You must be willing to carry out a lot of background research, that can include examining all of the obtainable product data, talking to clients and customers as well as assessing opposition. After this you need to sit down and figure out the product or service's pros compared to the other available choices available. What makes it exceptional? What sort of challenges does it fix? And also, above all, why would people buy the product.

After you’ve done some research and determined why people should purchase the product or service, then you certainly will need to see how to structure the sales proposal in to a powerful argument. This needs a knowledge of what will motivate readers, what problems they would like to solve or even avoid along with the reasons why would they opt to purchase your product or service.

Then, as soon as you’ve addressed each one of these concerns as well as carried out the many preparatory steps, you must have a seat and craft your sales letter or site page. This is where your money is earned and justify the big rates that copywriters charge. The truth is knowing how to place all of your thought processes and research into words and phrases can be extremely challenging.

You may practically commit your life practising the skill of promoting by written words. Mercifully there are many books about copywriting and copywriting courses on the market to help you, and do not ever forget that nobody became a world class copywriter overnight!

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You Need Great Content If You Want Higher Rankings In 2013

Everybody would like to be ranked number one in Google. However competition grows every year. For a long time SEO boffins have played a game of cat and mouse with the internet's most popular search engine. Whether it was stuffing keywords, social bookmark spamming or using bots to build links with numerous sites at the press of a button, they used all manner of techniques for tricking Google’s carefully calculated algorithm. However , the tide is turning and the search engine giant is making great strides in not only defeating these techniques but also penalising those that have used them. Google's Penguin and Panda updates may have cuddly titles.

But they have brought chaos and destruction to the websites of 1000s of internet marketers. A lot of SEO marketers stubbornly continue to use the same old tactics to infest the internet with backlinks to their websites. But their days are numbered. Ultimately, it’s only a matter of time before the Big G emerges victorious, and internet marketers bow their heads in acceptance to the new way top rankings are earned.

the five pillars of seo

Google would prefer you not to do any optimisation at all. If you do anything to try and cheat the system you are only an algorithm update away from a ‘Google slap’. Instead, looking natural is the name of the game. How can you achieve this? Through ethical 'white hat' SEO. These are the new pillars of search engine optimization:

Aim For A Wider Range Of Keywords - A couple of years ago the SEO mantra was to always use keywords as your ‘anchor text’ (the words that are highlighted to form the link). Unwittingly, this led to website owners committing the sin of ‘over optimising’ and only using the same few high traffic keywords in their links. Instead, you need to have a range of anchor text to reflect the many ways in which people enter links to sites. Rather than just having ‘snow plough’ as your link in every syndicated article and blog post, you should have terms like 'click here to see our snow blowers’, ‘check out this snow plough website’ and more varied links .

Social Media Links- Social media is playing a growing role in Search engine optimisation. So Google has started using Facebook Likes, Tweets and other social media signals to gauge which blog posts and articles have earned their authors a higher spot in its rankings. And how do you think you can garner all these Likes and Tweets? That’s correct, through providing high quality information that educates, informs and entertains. In fact, you can now get as much traffic from social media sites as you can the search engines. One day social media’s influence may grow to the level where you can stop worrying about Google altogether.

Posting On Other People's Blogs - Getting backlinks on relevant websites with a high page rank has always been SEO gold. But these days popular blog owners can afford to be picky. As a result, they will be less than impressed if you submit to them content that has been rehashed from other sites, reheated and served as original thought of your own. If you want your articles to be accepted and to drive traffic, along with a backlink, you need to provide something that challenges their reader’s preconceptions or has something new to say. Providing this content takes time and research to assemble such high quality, original guest articles.

Exit Rate - Much like a rubber ball bouncing against a wall, this is the amount of people who abandon your website without visiting more than one page. This means the longer people stay engaged with your articles the more respect you’ll receive from the Big G. So to enhance your search engine rankings, you will need top quality content that keeps them engaged, answers their questions and encourages them to read more.

Google+ Author Link - It might not have caught its rivals, but Google+ is still around. If you havent already, you need to start notching up members to your Google+ Circles because it gives Google a clear signal people are interested in what you have to say. As such, adding the Google authorship tag to your website lets Google know that you can be trusted to deliver high quality articles which keeps people reading and that you deserve the nod of approval to sit at the top table of its search rankings.

As you can see from these new pillars of search engine optimisation , high quality content is vital. If you want to improve your search engine rankings in Google you need to form partnerships with a professional website copywriter or SEO copywriter. The added bonus is that along with higher search positions, you'll be growing your brand as a thought leader and an expert on the internet. This of course means that higher conversions and more enquiries on your website will arise as a result. 

How To Find Work And Clients As A Freelance Copywriter

Making the jump and deciding to become a freelance copywriter is a big step. To ensure it's a success you will have to acquire lots of clients, which can be a challenge when first launching your business. Businesses are not going to contact you simply because you created a website. It can take nearly a year to grow your customer list and income.


With this in mind, prior to starting out it's wise to save at least 6 months of savings in your pocketbook plus a plan of action to acquire reliable customers.


Here are 4 ways of locating corporations willing to pay for your copywriting expertise:

Attending face to face business networking functions


With levels of competition for customers proving to already be a race to the bottom on-line, the smartest method is to hunt for clients in your local region. It’s simply common sense that business owners prefer to employ those they like, know and trust. So you should be getting out there, greasing palms and meeting local business owners at each and every chance you get.


In a lot of cities and towns there are networking events where companies can gather to network, introduce themselves and exchange their contact details. Often held over an early morning breakfast in a local restaurant or in a local hotel's function room , networking events are normally fairly casual and enable company owners and freelancers to connect, You may find that lots of networking events charge for attendance, which normally includes drinks and food. However, there are usually a few you can attend without having to pay.. You could even consider arranging one on your own through social media sites like LinkedIn or Meetup. Simply start a networking get together and next invite people in your local business community to attend also to invite their business contacts.

Social networking sites


Whereas Facebook is for fun, LinkedIn is focused on business. It is a social media site where professionals can promote their know-how and connect with other people in their field.. So if you decide to launch a free-lance copywriting career, it’s smart to open a LinkedIn account for your business and to start trying to form connections.


A sensible starting place is linking with friends from your past jobs to build your network. It's also possible to use LinkedIn to identify companies in your neighborhood which may require your expertise and whom you can approach for work.

Cold calling


 Many copywriters are naturally fearful of picking up the phone, and would rather clean the bathroom than pick up the phone. But getting in touch with local firms on the phone to inform them about your copywriting skills is often an effective way of finding customers. Mass sending email messages to as many firms as you can may sound like an easier, and quicker, choice. However, your email messages are unlikely to get read by the correct people and may even annoy people for spamming them. Picking up the telephone, however, is a chance to build up a relationship on a more personal level and to connect with local business owners.

Get in touch with local agencies which use freelance copywriters


Marketing and web site design agencies continuously need copywriters to provide them with content for their customers' marketing campaigns. They may also give you access to bigger brands and higher paying clients than you'd be in the position to connect with as a self employed freelancer. Although the bigger agencies might already have copywriters internally, a lot of the smaller ones will more than likely outsource to a business copywriting agency work to a selection of local freelance workers to keep their headcount and costs down.


As a freelance writer you can not afford to sit back and lose time waiting for enquiries to appear in your email inbox. So you should be constantly marketing and offering your copywriting expertise so you can build a consistent salary and make the freelance dream come true.


Four Different Copywriting Material Tasks

No two days are identical when you are a freelance copywriter. You may be writing about business software in the morning and then composing a sales letter about driving tuition in the afternoon, every day might be different. It’s the variety which makes the career so intriguing.

In addition to the different type of topics is the varieties of copywriting material you will supply, with their own structures guidelines, which includes leaflets or emails. This is a guide to a few different copywriting projects:


Corporate brochures are just like a company wearing its best suit and standing proudly to present the very best image possible. When crafting a brochure you will generally need to write in quite a formal style that refers to the particular company’s triumphs and promotes the business in a glowingly good light. Brochures are typically printed, so the use of space is really important, Therefore you will normally alongside a graphic designer to determine what has to go where in addition to how much space you've got for written content.. Checking through your work thoroughly is also crucial because copywriters have nightmares of 1000s of brochures being printed with a mistake.

Marketing emails

Marketing and advertising emails are typically kept short at one hundred words maximum.. So you have got to use your words and phrases wisely if your e-mail have a chance to be effective at motivating recipients to respond or even take action. When composing advertising emails, your objective is just to show them the offer just before directing prospects on the main website for more information.. While emails are generally brief, writing subject lines which get emails opened up and writing email messages enticing enough to generate clicks can be tricky. Every single sentences is valuable.. You can even see how successful your own email copywriting is to click, with every open, click through and sale recorded.

Copywriting for web pages

An area you can assist clients is in informing them about psychological tactics and triggers for transforming more website visitors in to buyers.. It's essential to take into account how each of the pages link together and just how you can provide signposts that take them from one page to the next. Clients may also be impressed if you have Google Analytics experience, owing to this free software you'll find ways to improve a website’s conversion rate and also the sales it produces as a result.

Blog posts

Companies need to have a regular flow of content these days to promote themselves on the net. A large number of businesses now have weblogs which have to be frequently updated with informative and beneficial posts. Offering to maintain the company blog can be quite a great source of regular income.

Some of the subjects you might write about might include tips on using the business' product, customer guides and insights on the industry. Sites tend to have a more chatty tone than the rest of the website’s content, and feel similar to a conversation than a big business boasting about its triumphs.

So you see, there are many different forms of writing you can provide clients. Please go to my website and see some of the copy writing I provide for my clients

Would you like to be a copywriter? The advantages and downsides

If you've been hoping to make thousands a week as a independent copywriter then you might need to you better think again. Earning enough to support yourself can take months, or many years. In particular if you have a family. However you will find there can be big rewards for those able to achieve it, both in terms of earnings along with lifestyle. There are negative aspects too, though.

The benefits of being a free lance copywriter

Writing as a living - If you studied English Literature at university or college or simply have a knack for writing, then the thought of having the ability to write all day and get paid for it will sound like a dream come true. As a self-employed copywriter you spend your days learning about interesting new topics and then writing about them in a way that aspires to be engaging along with persuasive.

Broaden your knowledge - To start with you will likely be a generalist, which means you will be writing about all manner of products and subjects. You will be writing for all manner of businesses on various subjects. You could be covering custom built metal furnishings in the morning hours and complicated software programs in the afternoon. So if you like studying about something totally new, then becoming a free lance copy writer might be best for you.

Work/life balance - As a freelance worker doing work from your home, you don’t have a supervisor telling you what to do. You're able to choose what jobs to work on, and you can even choose to go for a mid morning walk if you like, and catch up later in the day. Who would not love that freedom? If you're struggling for creativity on how to open up a sales letter or the best way to describe your pet walking service, you can simply get your laptop and move to your local Starbucks, library or even the park.

Earnings - Once you’ve built up your client base and expertise, you can charge higher rates for your services. Writing for businesses to help promote their products and services can be a demanding process. But with your writing ability linked to sales you can expect to make a six figure income with practice and experience.

The disadvantages of being a freelance copywriter

Loss of social connection - If you enjoy spending some time by yourself (as many writers are inclined to do) then being a freelance copywriter might be right for you. But if you like conversing with fellow workers and customers then it could get isolating due to being on your own on a regular basis.. This means you have to discover alternative methods of getting out so you get some good human interaction in your day.

The amount of competition that can push rates down - With me, the most profitable way to obtain clients is those that live in your local area. They will be happy to pay a fair rate to work with someone they can look in the eye and meet in person.. I always recommend networking as much as possible in your neighborhood to find customers. However there's always businesses where cost is the deciding factor. They are more likely to go to the web to find a copywriter.. The reach from the internet has extended your competition to the globe. Now everyone with an internet connection and wordprocessing software can claim to be a writer, that can make persuading businesses to pay a reasonable rate for your words tough.

Unpredictable earnings - A smart plan is to make sure you have enough cash saved up to last a few months before you hop aboard the free lance train.. Even then maintaining a stable income can be quite a struggle. Some weeks you might be busy each day yet others you will have to devote to cleaning your computer files as well as brushing up your way with words-at all waiting for jobs to come in. If you're going to freelance, you have to be ready for quiet patches. This can be stressful nevertheless the best advice is to use peaceful times to brush up your writing abilities, do some reading and pushing out your own marketing.

Hopefully, this post has given you an overview of the positive aspects and down sides of the freelance way of life. If it's a profession that interests you, please visit my website to find out more about what being a copy writer entails.


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